Carolyn the model

During her college years and very early days at Calvin Klein (1988 until 1992 ) Carolyn did some part time modeling, she even featued in the 1988 “Girls of Boston University” calander, landing the front cover of the calander no less! You can see that even back then she had the WOW factor.


Carolyn at work

Carolyn at work for Calvin Klein 1993/94

Background on Carolyn

Carolyn Jeanne Bessette Kennedy was born on January 7 1966 in White Plains New York.She grew up in Greenwich Connecticut and attended St Mary’s High School.While in High School she was voted “Ultimate Beautiful Person” by her classmates.After high school she attended Boston University where she majored in elementary education.After graduating in 1988 Carolyn went to work for the Lyons Group, who handled publicity for local Boston nightclubs,  many of which she frequented. When she decided to move on she began working at the Boston based Calvin Klein boutique.It was here where she was “discovered” by a Calvin Klein boss named Susan Sokol and was moved to an office in Manhattan.Here she began working as a personal shopper for the high profile clients of Calvin Klein.Her all American good looks and minimal pared down style represented what Calvin Klein stood for, she quickly worked her way up through the ranks to eventually handle PR for the company.

 Carolyn with Calvin Klein




Young Carolyn

To begin this blog here are pictures of Carolyn when she was simply Carolyn Bessette, not yet Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.


Hello and Welcome

This blog is dedicated to the beautiful Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, who tragically died in a plane crash along with her husband John F Kennedy Jr and her older sister Lauren on July 16 1999.The blog will be updated with pictures and magazine scans of Carolyn over the coming few weeks.Keep checking back as i have many Carolyn related items to post.

Carolyn is my favourite fashion icon of all time.She had a pared down minimal style that never goes out of fashion.She was beautiful in a unique way which makes her even more special.She represents what great style should be, and with this blog i want to celebrate her life.