Infamous Central Park Fight

I recieved an email quite a while ago (sorry for keeping you waiting) asking me to post whatever i had on the Central Park fight between Carolyn and John. As well as the photos here is a link to a Youtube video which is a news report about the fight


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  1. lexichen
    May 11, 2011 @ 12:58:33


    thanks for keeping up this site.

    i have to say,although i absolutely love carolyn´s style and i think that she seemed to be a very intelligent, funny and a kind person,this fight really appeared her in a bad light!
    it let her appear very hysterical and aggressive,john on the otherhand seemed very cool and humble.
    please,don´t get me wrong,i don´t think she really was aggressive or violent,but sometimes i can understand why the press made her look like that.

    i constantly fight with my boyfriend of 5 years,but i would never air my dirty laundry like that in public for the whole world to see ,especially not if my boyfriend was john kennedy jr.

    sorry my english is really bad,i hope my point is understandable.
    greetings from vienna!


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